Chewy Q (Orange)

Chewy Tubes

Chewy Q (Orange)

$ 7.99

Chewy Qs encourage early mouthing experiences that support the transition from mid-line tongue exploration to lateral jaw movement. This transition facilitates the development of the masseter muscle so critical for mature speech production as well as biting and chewing skills.

  • Encourages up/down jaw motion – Practice needed for developing biting and chewing skills, and important for later speech production.
  • Encourages side to side tongue movement – Skill needed to move food side to side in chewing
  • Allows proper and natural growth of the hard palate – Does not indent baby’s malleable palate.
  • Encourages variation in sound production – The mouth is open and available for sound exploration.
  • Allows an open mouth for breathing – Helpful when a child has a cold and the nose is stuffed up.
  • Encourages tiny hands to grasp Chewy Q and place in mouth – Supports hand to mouth coordination and self- regulation of biting by baby. 
  • Promotes proper alignment of the upper and lower dentition as teeth erupt.

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