HandiWriter - Assorted Colors


HandiWriter - Assorted Colors

$ 5.99

The HandiWriter™ is designed to facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool. It is recommended for use with children of any age, who have inappropriate grasp patterns. The HandiWriter™ is being used in many classrooms, clinics and homes, and has proven beneficial to ALL CHILDREN who are learning to write. It can be used with many of the pencil grips currently available.

The HandiWriter is handcrafted in USA and made of a a soft, latex free, stretch knit band with a dolphin charm on a cord comes in Red, Blue, Purple or Yellow color. The SportWriter has a Baseball or Soccer Ball charm on a cord while the HandiWriter® has a dolphin charm on a cord.

Instructions: The HandiWriter® or SportWriter is worn with the large loop around the wrist. The charm is held in the palm of the hand with the little and ring fingers. The thumb, first and middle fingers grasp a pencil and the top loop of the HandiWriter® or SportWriter is placed around the top of the pencil. This pulls the pencil back into the web of the hand, and forms the therapist recommended “TRIPOD GRIP”. One size fits most children.

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