Mini Flyer - Smiley


Mini Flyer - Smiley
  • Mini Flyer - Smiley
  • Mini Flyer - Smiley

$ 17.99

An amazing active toy. An infrared sensor bounces a signal, so you can juggle it without touching it. 
The flyer elevates when it 'feels' a solid surface (E.g. Hand, Knee, Leg etc.) under it. No remote control involvement while flying, it floats, and you juggle it without touching it, it's like magic!

Mini Flyer Features:

  • Miniature Design for Indoor Flying
  • Super Infrared Control
  • Recharge through USB port
  • Built in Li-Poly Battery For Long Flying Time
  • Charging Time: 10-15 Minutes
  • Working Time: 8-10 Minutes

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